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 The water jet construction method is the technology of shaving off deteriorated concrete using ultra-high pressure water.

Healthy concrete is preserved with only degraded parts removed. Concrete alone is taken away leaving the inner steel rods intact and undamaged.

The technique is environment-friendly. It can be used in all weathers, creates no vibration or unwanted particulate matter ? and any noise is minimal. Its use improves the adhesion strength of both old and new concrete.

On these pages are examples of bridge building employing the latest water jet construction methods, coating removal from concrete, cutting, other surface treatments, punching, washing and much more.

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 Company: JET Ltd Water Jet Division

 Address: 1-199-1, Sasagawa, Koriyama-shi, Fukushima-ken,Japan

 TEL:+81 (0)24-945-1000
 FAX:+81 (0)24-947-5533




・New water jet robot
 Safe operation
 Operating mode
 (Automatic ・ Manual )

Registration ・ Qualification

● ISO 9001

● Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport & Tourism New Technology Information Systems(NETIS)Registration

Japan Water Jet Construction Association member

WaterJet Technology Association Member (USA)

●Japan Highways Water Jet Construction Technology qualification.

●Water Jet Hand Gun Operating Skills qualification.

●Officially approved by the Minister of Health, Labour & Welfare
“A” rated Industrial Washing Consultant Engineer (High-pressure washing)




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